It’s the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also the most wasteful. Use this eco-friendly gift guide to buy meaningful gifts this year for your favorite people!

Staying green this holiday season is easier than you think. This gift guide is perfect for giving gifts to remember! #holidays #gifts #ecofriendly #giftguide #christmas #holidays

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So what really makes this the most wonderful time of the year? Good food & company… and the gifts you don’t have to figure out how to regift without anyone knowing, amiright? One thing about the holidays that I think of is how wasteful it is. So much buying for a “Black Friday” sale or picking up a last-minute trinket because you feel like you should give that one person a gift too. So this year, let’s give an experience or help someone out in some way.

Here are some good alternatives to those unthoughtful, generic gifts that are still quick, easy, meaningful and better yet, green!

  • Get them dinner and a movie (i.e. gift cards) or to their favorite local coffee shop or winery.
  • Pet lovers? How about a gift certificate to the groomer, doggie-daycare, local pet store or vet.
  • Complete a project for them or gift them a few hours of your time to do help them with something they’ve been trying to accomplish. Don’t forget to follow up though, some people feel too bad to redeem the gift after the excitement settles.
  • Kindle book –  I love this option. It’s green, it’s customizable, and it’s INSTANT! Great for last minute shoppers 😉 Side note: Please also remember when you’re shopping on Amazon to use Amazon Smile! 1% of these purchases go toward a charity of your choice! Here are some recommendations:
  • Tools of Titans by Tim Farriss // if you’re not familiar with Tim Farriss, definitely check him out. He’s got an amazing podcast and this book is full… and I mean 700 pages full… of so many amazing people that he’s interviewed over the years.The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo // This book definitely sparked my action for minimalism. I have been trying to “clean out” for years but still seemed to spend every weekend cleaning the house instead of enjoying life. This book guides you through creating an environment that brings joy and helping you get rid of things that are no longer serving a purpose for you. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne // I gotta say this is a go-to for me. When I need to turn my day or attitude around, this is the book I reference. It’s all about the Law of Attraction and training your mind to help you live the life you want.Audible membership for a few months – Many people who have never listened to podcasts or audiobooks don’t quite understand how absolutely amazing they are! Show them!
  • Coupon book of chores to complete – I’ve tried to gift a generic gift book with no timeline and nobody redeemed them so for better success, try designating one per month so that they don’t have to verbally redeem their coupon.
  • Music – Digital Itunes gift card or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription.
  • Movie lover – Grab them an instant download or a Netflix subscription.
  • Sponsor an animal from your local shelter and give a picture of the furbaby you chose – or for that matter, donate to any charity that you know they care about in honor of them and let them know exactly what the money did for that charity.
  • What are their hobbies and goals? Sign them up for an online course that they can take at their leisure (just make sure they haven’t done it already.)
  • For the blogger – I love Abby Lawson’s Building a Framework, especially for beginner, blogging, blogger
  • For the actor, performer, chess player, chef, singer, aspiring athlete, fashion designer (and more) try one of these  Master Classes by some of the top people in those industries including Gordon Ramsay, Steve Martin, Christina Aguilera, James Patterson, and Usher. I have personally taken several and absolutely love the learning experience I got from it.
  • The Photographer – The Ultimate Photography Book for Bloggers. Don’t let the name fool you, this isn’t just for bloggers. There are amazing tips on how to use your camera and its settings for every type of photography.Ultimate photography book for bloggers #blog #blogger #photography #gift
  • Pay a bill for them – hop on down to the electric company and pay their electric bill… it’s likely higher around the Christmas months.
  • Make them some Kahlua – My mom and I had fun with this in the past. I don’t have the exact recipe but I remember it being very simple with few ingredients. Sidenote: you need to let it settle for a couple weeks so check out Pinterest for some recipes. If this is last minute, just write the date they are able to add it to their coffee on the bottle. Even better, pair it with some nice coffee beans if they’re coffee lovers. 
  • Clean their car – let them know in a card that you’ll do this around their schedule and be sure to follow up.
  • Make them flavored popcorn – so far I’ve gifted sea salt, cinnamon & sugar and Italian. It’s as easy as just making your popcorn on the stove and mixing in which flavors you want once it’s popped.
  • A day pass to their favorite museum, animal sanctuary, theatre, cooking class or gym.
  • Groceries – buy them some of their favorite snacks or better yet, some staples. You could even pair it with an eco-friendly reusable bag. If you don’t have time to go shopping or don’t know what they like, grab them a gift card to their local co-op.

Staying green this holiday season is easier than you think. This gift guide is perfect for giving gifts to remember! #holidays #gifts #ecofriendly #giftguide #christmas #holidays

What’s been your favorite gift to give so far? Leave me a comment below! And head over here if you’re looking for ways to stay Hygge this Holiday Season!



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