A tasty, top shelf margarita spiced with basil and sweetened with lemon! Perfect for entertaining! #tequila #margarita #lemon #basil #entertaining #vegan #drinks

Lemon Basil Margarita

A tasty, top-shelf margarita spiced with basil and sweetened with lemon, you’ll love this twist on a margarita when you’re looking to impress your guests! Have I mentioned that hubby and I love tequila? In fact, it’s our only tradition we’ve consistently followed in our 10 years together: a tequila shot for special occasions (holidays, […] Read more…

This super tasty Peach Bourbon Smash will be a favorite for all!

Peach Bourbon Smash

Sometimes, you just need something a bit stronger than red wine. This Peach bourbon smash is the perfect mix of bite and sweet. I’ve always been a bourbon gal, so this drink was an instant favorite of mine. But if whiskey isn’t always a go-to, you really need to try this and give it a […] Read more…