We spend a lot of time here so I wanted it to be first on the list… i.e. hubby is napping on the floor right now because of the lack of couch 😆

If you saw my post about my home refresh you’ll know I’m anxious to get started on our house transformation. If you missed it, here’s my mood board for the house:

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or if you want to check out the full post, head over here!

First and foremost, our home isn’t quite functioning the way we need it to. It’s already a small house and with two adults and 6 furbabies, the little space we have fills up fast.

So here’s what we need for this room:

  • Space to relax/read/have movie nights/watch football (per request of the hubby)
  • Ability to burn candles and use the diffuser safely 
  • Space for a dog bed
  • Space for the cats
  • Space to stretch/workout
  • Space for company

What we want for this room:

  • Lots of shelving
  • Gallery wall
  • Modern, but comfy sectional
  • TV on the wall 

What we need to keep in mind:

  • As per every room in our home, we need easy to clean furnishings. We have six animals in our home and on top of the tumbleweeds of fur, two of them are senior pets with lots of accidents so we have to be able to quickly and efficiently clean up the daily messes. 
  • We need a spare bed in the house. This could be an opportunity for a sleeper sofa.

The Process:

Luckily with this room there wasn’t a whole lot of cleaning out that needed to be done since I had done it a few months back. A few things needed to be recycled, a few things needed to be kept but just didn’t belong in this room and a little reorganizing was in order. The thing I was most excited about was getting our diffuser in a functional spot so we can use it daily again 🙌🏻

Excuse the poor photo quality. My camera was dead so I used my phone and forgot to turn off the light 🙄 Rookie move… but I’m working on my photography skills. Also, it’s driving me nuts that everything is just smooshed up against the walls 😆

Our current “couch”.. 🤷🏻 I didn’t like the last two so we sold them and are waiting to find the perfect one.


This once-tv-stand in the corner will be made over and put upstairs to be storage for our sheets and blankets. But until then, it’s housing that diffuser so it stays!

All in all, lots of work to be done here but this was a good start and a priority room. We spend a lot of time here so I wanted it to be first on the list… i.e. hubby is napping on the floor right now because of the lack of couch 😂 Now I’m trying to decide if I should continue with the clean-out or move on to painting and furnishing 💁🏻

More to come!

Room Makeover: before and after de-cluttering the living room

::Update:: head over here to see how I moved onto the office clean-out. This one definitely took more thought, work and WINE than the living room! 😆

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