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So a while back I came across and fell in love with Becky’s organic, DIY cleaning routines.

I am, as you know, all about that organic, safe (for pets) and healthy lifestyle so I was super pumped to hit buy now on Amazon when I saw her book The Organically Clean Home. With every intention of replacing all of my expensive, somewhat natural home and cleaning products with homemade ones, I did some research on safe ingredients that were also cruelty-free.

But then, of course, life happened and all these good intentions and good ingredients sat on my shelf as if they had no purpose at all.

Months went by, or maybe a year… and circumstances left us on a tight monthly budget so these DIY, already-have-everything-I-need-projects became more appealing than ever.

One of the biggest challenges with a tiny home and 6 pets is keeping up with pet odor… and even a large home with one pet, amiright? The dogs are constantly in and out with wet paws now that winter is here and it’s not the most pleasant thing for us to walk in to, let alone our guests. I was flipping through my bookmarked pages in Becky Rapinchuk’s book and was pumped to see the “Citrus Carpet Freshener” recipe… and even more pumped to see it was SUPER easy.

So I pulled out my baking soda and a couple essential oils and got to work.

I get my baking soda from Mountain Rose Herbs because it is naturally sourced, free of aluminum and the company is strong on giving back to organizations that protect wildlife, forests and Mother Earth:: Check them out here.

Essential oils are Veriditas that we got from our local food co-op, but any organic essential oils will do.

The recipe calls for:

  • 2 cups of baking soda
  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 10 drops of orange or grapefruit essential oil

By mistake, I grabbed the lavender and orange, but went with it because I love a lavender and citrus combo. I have, however, read that lemon has disinfecting properties so I would definitely try that for the next batch.

The concoction ended up on two rugs in our home — the living room and bedroom rugs.

diy carpet freshener review

I found it easiest to apply the mixture with a strainer so it would distribute more evenly.

The recipe calls for leaving the mixture on for 15 minutes to let it work its magic, so that meant blocking off the dogs in one room and cats in another while we waited.

After about 10 minutes I got a bit impatient and whipped out the vacuum to suck up all the years of dog scent in the living room, not expecting much improvement. But I was so wrong!

Bottom line, I’m OBSESSED!

The rug was fluffier, the room felt airier and smelled so good! And you better believe I was down on the floor getting a better feel for the success.

By the next day, the fresh scent was nearly gone but I could tell the “pet scented room spray” was still less than usual. For s&g (shits and giggles) I whipped the vacuum back out and was pleasantly surprised to find that it sparked another bit of freshness for a couple hours. **Bonus** I intentionally left the mixture in my vacuum can to see if it would help with the odors trapped in their too (pet owners, ya feel me?) and definitely noticed a difference.

Please note the carpet cleaner in the photo, because yes.. our old man Otis left us a little present the next morning on the just-freshened carpet. 

Final thoughts:: if you’re having company over, or just need a quick freshen up, TRY THIS RECIPE! I will definitely be using this on the regular and another **BONUS** it lasts indefinitely so will always be available on my shelf. diy carpet freshener review #diy #carpet #cleaning #organic

What are your favorite DIY cleaning recipes? Let me know what your thoughts are if you try this one <3 and if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and pick up The Organically Clean home for more great DIY recipes!

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