5 ways to add spring to your home while it still feels like winter


I am so ready for Spring! However, it’s still snowing here in the U.P. so I needed something bright to bring some Spring feeling into the house. Here’s what I did:

1.Open the windows: even if the air is cold. Let in some fresh air for a couple of minutes and get rid of that winter blues. It’s amazing how some fresh air can brighten up the mood of the whole house and give you some motivation to tackle that spring cleaning.

2. Make some tissue flowers: I love some beautiful, fresh flowers like the rest of ’em but did you know that this isn’t always a green choice? (see #3) Throughout the year I collect tissue from birthdays and holidays to reuse in gifting and other projects and love the idea of some fun tissue flowers in these DIY vases (thanks mom!) to replace live ones as a greener choice.

3. Bring a plant into the vignette: Succulents are everything 🙌🏻 I’ve had these plants for a while and they keep surviving indoors during the winter so I love to bring them into a Spring vignette to brighten it up before they make their way outside for summer. When purchasing plants try to do so from a local nursery and make sure to ask where they are from and if they were sprayed with pesticide. Purchasing flowers from big, corporate stores such as Lowes, Menards, Shopko, Wal-mart, etc. tend to only provide flowers sourced from outside the U.S. that are not sustainably grown and covered in pesticides that aren’t legal here. This is terrible news for our sweet little bees and other insects that help make this world go round so don’t be afraid to ask more information about where your flowers and plants come from! 

4. Bring in metallic: if you live in an area anything like mine, sunshine is somewhat scarce during this time of year so add anything shiny to bounce around some light in your room. We love all things copper in this household so I shopped around my house and grabbed a couple copper pieces to bring in both some warmth and light.

5. Add a scent: vignettes can be so much more than just visual! I added some organic sweet orange, lemon and peppermint to our essential oil diffuser to bring a light citrusy scent to the room.. not to mention they help tame allergies! 

P.S. Don’t be afraid to mix up the vignette! As you can see, I’ve rearranged this one a couple times until it is balanced and hits the natural light just perfect  👌🏻


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