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March is here and the days are officially longer (finally) so it’s time to start thinking about Spring cleaning. After what seems to be a longer winter than last… every year… it’s easy for a house to build up clutter so to make things a little easier, these are the 10 items I like to purge before we dive into the deep cleaning:


Get rid of those fall and winter editions of your favorite magazines. If there’s a good recipe or home decor idea you’re loving, rip it out and scan it in (see #4).

2.Christmas & winter decor

This may seem obvious, but before you know it it’ll be fourth of July and you’ll still have Frosty sitting on that shelf and your multi-colored lights shining brighter than your flag. Put those items away now so you have plenty of time for real spring cleaning and decorating! 

3.Throw pillows & blankets

Store your winter throw pillows and blankets away so you have room for your spring throws!

4.Paper build up

Try going paperless this spring. I took the plunge a couple years ago and have never looked back! Here’s what I used to transform our office from a crazy, paper mess to clean and organized. Seriously, it’s life-changing and I couldn’t rave about my obsession with it enough and will be putting together an entire post about how I actually did it! 

5.Old pet toys & bedding that just won’t come clean anymore 

As a pet parent, there isn’t much that is sadder than throwing away your pets favorite toy or blanket. But the reality is, they get pretty beat up and eventually just don’t come clean anymore. Just like your own bedding, it’s good to switch out your pet’s bedding once in a while to keep your home clean and healthy for both of you.

6.Decor that you noticed you didn’t like after having stared at it all winter

We all have that picture, decor, or piece of furniture that you stare at constantly and just think of 100 other pieces you’d rather have there. Get rid of it, even if you don’t have a replacement yet. You’ll come across exactly what you’re looking for eventually so don’t run out and buy something looking for an excuse to get rid of it. Remember, this is a purge!

7.Outdated dry food and freezer food

This is a good time to start getting rid of food that has expired. If it is going to expire in the next month and you likely won’t use it, donate it. If it’s already expired, consider starting a compost pile! 


This is a great time to get rid of those clothes that just don’t fit you or your style right anymore. Donate or sell the pieces that are still in good shape. If there are items that are in really rough shape, reach out to an animal shelter to see if they take old clothes and bedding for kennels.  


One of the many super, bulky winter items that aren’t easy to store (especially if you have an older home with minimal storage). A good rule of thumb is to get rid of it if you didn’t reach for it once this winter. See if you can sell them now while they could still be of use to someone and make a couple extra bucks or donate to a family in need.

10.Your catch all winter build-up 

Most of us have that one space or room where all of our donate bags and not-sure-what-to-do-with-this pile go. For us, it’s our sunporch. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, kinda. This concept actually works really well in our household because there is still a sense of accomplishment when you clean a space and are able to put all of those boxes and bags of items you no longer need somewhere out of the freshly decluttered space. However, you won’t truly feel the weight lifted until those bags are completely out of your home. In fact, I’ve even added a donation run to our weekly cleaning schedule to keep up with it. Take some time now to rid yourself of what’s built up over the winter so you can start Spring with a fresh start.

What are your go-to Spring purge areas? Let me know in a comment below or tag #freshcoastliving on social media and share your before and afters!

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