How I used my failures to overcome my fears and found a way to reach my goals

Ever want to do so many things that you just get stuck? You’re paralyzed by overwhelming thoughts of accomplishing things, but the voice in your head kicks in and says “but where on earth would you even start? Just don’t bother, you can start tomorrow”.

Your Frozen.

… let it go.. LET IT GO! Can’t hold me back anymore!

… yes, I just quoted Disney’s Frozen… I’ll even let you judge me a little bit because if it’s here, it not only crossed my mind but actually got written in this post, edited and kept in this post.

Today I finished two floor plans… TWO. After months and months and months of putting it off because it wasn’t quite second nature to me yet. I was procrastinating and using every excuse under the sun to avoid it. I was too tired, too distracted, too busy, too hungry, or assumed that this just must not be my calling. I started my Interior Design journey years ago but made the leap in January of 2016 to take an online course. Not as easy as it sounds – life happens and you think if you don’t have to report to anyone face to face you can just put it off another week or two. If you’ve ever taken online courses you may relate. However, I wasn’t remembering why I took the course, and it wasn’t to report to someone.

Via Podcast interview on The Tim Ferris Show (which by the way if you have not checked out, please do! My hubby got me hooked and I promise, you will not regret it) actor and comedian Whitney Cummings discusses among many other eye-opening topics, the advice along her journey that has stuck the must and that is to “finish it”. I related immediately. I’ve heard it so many times before but this time it clicked. There are so many projects and ideas I have running through my head constantly and I lived by those memes that said “set goals so high that it scares you”… however, I took it too literally. I’d read every article, book and blog post on them, plan and start the idea then BAM. Just like that, I’d be paralyzed. I’d make it through the honeymoon phase and just as quickly be ready to move on to the next idea before that one got too hard.

Every day I am fighting to forgive myself for letting those months, even years, of unproductive time go to waste. To stop thinking about where I could have been had I of pushed through that fear of not being able to reach my goals. Instead of letting it stop you, use your big goals to drive you. Think about where you will be in the next year if you continue working on those goals. Write out your big goals and break them down into a yearly calendar and hang it where you’ll see it every day. Just focus on one month at a time and I promise you, if you stick to your calendar, those months build up fast and you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish if you just finish it.

Don’t do it for your teacher, or your spouse, or your friends, or your competition. Be your biggest fan. Finish it for yourself.


Need more motivation? I talked about why I re-named the blog here!



2 Comments on How to Use Your Failures to Overcome your Fears

  1. I can definitely relate to this! I “read all about it”…but never get around to actually doing it. I’ve given myself a list of things to accomplish this year, including getting my blog up and running, getting back to sewing after a rather long hiatus, and beginning the updates to our (new to us) house. I like the idea of a calendar where I can see it–right now everything is written in my bullet journal, but having it right in front of me would be helpful too. Thank you for the motivation to get “thawed out””

    • Hi Cyndi,

      You have some amazing goals set for yourself for 2017 and I’m rootin for you! I can relate to the sewing, I had big ambitions for many projects and look forward to creating a sewing space that will encourage my creativity. What I love about the calendar is being able to visualize a month at a time and know that that is my focus for the month. I pick a couple topics to focus on for the blog and split them up between the weeks. I’ve had daily planners for years and years but have found this to work for me in addition to my every day tasks. I look forward to your progress, keep me posted!

      All the best,

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