Becoming a yogi: documenting a 4 month transformation journal. #yoga #yogi #transformation #yogaforbeginners

Week 1 is officially over!

I practiced yoga 6 out of 7 days (due to Easter) but overall I’m happy with how it went.

Most of my equipment came in earlier this week but my mat just came in today which I’m super excited about. It’s gorgeous, but unfortunately a bit slippery.

I’m going to have to work with it a bit and see if I can spray it for better grip.

If you haven’t yet, head over here and check out the equipment I’m using to help with my flexibility and balance. 

I’m hoping week two I’ll notice more of a change, physically and mentally.

My biggest struggles last week were calming my mind when the going got tough on the mat, my breathing & letting my muscles relax when doing stretches that were difficult. (I wrote all about last week here)

Here are my goals for week two:

  • Take before and after pictures
  • Notice a visible improvement in flexibility
  • Try to stay grounded during my practice and focus on something other than the pain and frustration
  • Find a better spot to practice with more room



Day 1 Monday 4/2

Warm up with 10 squats



  1. Sun salutation // I started with this to warm up my body a bit before practicing my splits
  2. Split sequence // the same as last week. I couple of the stretches I could tell had improved but were still painful to do. I did, however, get some confidence and actually try the splits with the assistance of my blocks. Surprisingly, they weren’t as awful as I had expected.
  3. Yoga sequence to crow pose // this was a lot of upper body strength that kicked my butt. Part of this sequence though was a Down Dog which I definitely felt an improvement on. I was able to keep a straight back with almost straight legs so I’ll take that as my win for the day.

I ended up using my old mat because I was just about to start when my new mat landed on my front porch. I rolled it out and was not able to even do a Down Dog without slipping so I’ll do a bit of research tonight and give it a try tomorrow. If it doesn’t work, I suppose I’ll have to return it and spend another 20 hours looking for the perfect mat, even those it’s gorgeous.

I’m absolutely in LOVE with my blocks and wheel. I use them with almost every pose for support and to deepen my stretches without falling out of balance or getting too tired from muscle strain.

Overall, it wasn’t a terrible day on the mat, but I still couldn’t find my mental balance and focus… so if that could kick in anytime, that would be greaaat.





Becoming a yogi: documenting a 4 month transformation journal. #yoga #yogi #transformation #yogaforbeginners

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