Becoming a yogi: documenting a 4 month transformation journal. #yoga #yogi #transformation #yogaforbeginnersOk. I have a confession.

I’ve been obsessed with Yoga and following the beautiful ladies I see on Instagram that are elegantly throwing themselves into a handstand with ease. Ladies whom which are also well into their yoga journey. There is such a sense of peace and reward they emit that I’ve found myself desperate for.

I’ve been practicing yoga very lightly and consistently for about a year now but came to the realization recently that I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons… sort of. I started with the belief that it would make me healthier and happier, but let’s be real.. I mostly just wanted my body to look like theirs and to be that flexible.

Well if you’ve ever tried yoga, you’ll know that your body definitely does not transform quickly and I was no exception. Furthermore, I kept telling myself that “there’s no way I’ll ever be able to do that” and “I’ll never be that flexible”, so in looking back now, my mind wasn’t ready for the challenge.

A couple weeks back I came across an actual routine from that suggested doing each pose in the sequence three times and holding for 30 seconds each time.

As basic as that sounds, it was revolutionary.

Previously, I’d only hold a pose as long as it took to hurt then immediately fell out of it (no wonder I wasn’t progressing). Truthfully, until then, I’d never actually sweat on my mat. I typically do my yoga and stretching before bed as a way to unwind and relax, which is something I won’t be giving up, but alone, it will never take me physically where I want to be. Holding those poses past my comfort zone gave me a serious sense of accomplishment and quiet mind that hadn’t previously been there. I’m officially hooked!

The most important thing I’m trying to find here is to be intentional about taking care of my body. Through this progression, here’s what I’ve found:

In building strength I feel confidence, in focusing on flexibility & breathing, I feel calm.

Two things that I’ve been trying to find for many years.

I’m finally to the point that I want to do yoga for me. Not so that I look fitter to everyone else, but for myself. I want to truly better not only my body, but my mind. Maybe it’s because I just celebrated turning 30 and feel the need for a transformation, or maybe I’ve just had enough of this anxiety and depression triggered by not having control over my body, but either way, I’m going to give it a fair chance.  

Head over here to start following along with week 1.

What’s different about this time is I’m going to set myself up for success. I’ve been putting off purchasing my own mat (I have been borrowing hubbies) or any other equipment until I knew this was something I really want to practice regularly.

Becoming a yogi: documenting a 4 month transformation journal. #yoga #yogi #transformation #yogaforbeginners

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After doing lots of research on eco-friendly yoga equipment, here are the must-have essentials I’ll be using:













As I get to know each of these items better, I’ll be sure to let you know my entire thoughts.

I know as I dig deeper into my practice my goals will evolve, but for now, these are the ones that excite me the most:

  1. Being able to do the splits
  2. Completing wheel pose
  3. Being able to hold a forearm stand/or handstand
  4. Completing standing Bow
  5. Completing handstand scorpion

I also figured I should create a few rules to stay on track:

  1. Practice yoga daily for 4 months  
  2. Take weekly pictures to review progress
  3. Give weekly updates here on the blog to hold myself accountable  

Also, here are my go-to Instagram accounts for inspo:

Instagram: @nayitavp Seriously, Naya is so fun to follow. She’s got so much energy and honesty when it comes to her yoga journey.

photo cred: Instagram @nayitavp

Instagram: @maxandlizacro Max & Liz are AcroYoga instructors (AcroYoga is performing yoga with another person, which helps to build trust and confidence) It’s incredible to see how far yoga expands when there is another person involved. They also give really good tips on how to further your flexibility and own yoga practice with the help of a partner!

photo cred: Instagram @maxandlizacro

I’m trying to stay realistic through this, and don’t necessarily think I’ll hit all of my pose goals by the end of the 4 months, but I included them as a reminder for myself to keep reaching further.

Have you started your yoga journey yet? If so, let me know in a comment how long you’ve been practicing and what some of your favorite tools are!


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