Well folks, we are definitely in the age of blogging! What’s better than making an income while writing about what you love and helping others?

Well, let’s all be honest with ourselves for a minute… it is definitely tempting to start a blog solely based on the fact that there are tons of income reports dancing around Pinterest from bloggers not just making a full-time income, but making even more annually than what they took home at their 9-5. They usually make it clear that it’s been a lot of hard work, but who isn’t willing to put in the hard work to make 7-figures?! 

Over the last 3 years of trial and error, frustration, giving up (multiple times) and playing tug of war with my confidence, I’m here to give you some questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if blogging is right for you. It’s a bit of a lengthier post but I wanted to be sure and give you some good, detailed information to help you make the decision! 

How to know if you should start a blog, 7 questions to ask yourself

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  1. Your why: Why do you want to start a blog? Do you want to make a full-time income or get out of debt? Do you want to help people or make a difference? Do you have a passion for something and looking for a way to express that? Many people say that you can’t start a blog if you don’t love writing or are only in it for the money. The truth is, your blog will be your business so I suppose you could start one if you’re only in it for the money, but you’d be committing to a career doing a lot of something you don’t enjoy for the money – you might as well find a job that requires less work. If you’d like to start a blog to make a difference or help others in some way, this is definitely a perfect avenue for you and can absolutely be lucrative if you’re willing to be patient.
  2. Your how: How you’re going to start a blog requires many little pieces, like figuring out how you’re going to pay for the startup and maintenance costs and how much are you willing to invest in education and guidance. While you don’t need to be really techy to blog, you do need to be willing to learn a few things. Another huge factor is how much time are you going to be able to put into it? There is a lot that goes into creating posts, marketing on social media, building your email list and more. So when deciding if you should start a blog, take a minute to think about how you’re going to incorporate that into your everyday life. (If you’re wondering what it would take to start a successful blog, this is the book that got me up and running in a couple days and that I still reference regularly!)
  3. Your when: To be honest, there is nothing fast about blogging. Social media following doesn’t come fast, pageviews don’t come fast and the money definitely doesn’t come fast. Think realistically about when you plan to have success through your blog so that you’re not setting yourself up for surprise. Also, is there a certain time of year that you’d have more time to focus on getting it up and running? I can say from experience that there has been a lot of time and money invested into my blog over the last 3 years to get to where I really feel on the right path.
  4. Your ability to grow & adapt: if you’re someone that doesn’t like change, I hate to say it but blogging probably isn’t for you. This is a constantly changing medium that even professional bloggers sometimes gripe about keeping up with. The most important thing is to be able to adjust to these changes and fight the discouragement that comes along with having just figured out something when you have to learn something else instead. Social media algorithms constantly change, fads change, what’s popular changes… it’s all very exciting if you can get past the overwhelm of inconsistency. If you thrive on problem-solving and always learning, a blog could really be for you!
  5. Your confidence & determination: Ok, let me explain this one because I am very far from a confident person. Confidence in what you’re trying to do comes with time, but there are a lot of people in your life that wouldn’t support or understand your decision to start an online business. Some days it feels like our constantly defending what a blog is instead of talking about the good you’re trying to accomplish. This is also where your why comes in handy. You aren’t doing it for those people who don’t believe in you, you’re doing it for your why!
  6. Your self-motivation: have you ever taken an online course or given yourself a deadline to complete something? If you have, you know it’s not always easy to stay motivated and on track without someone telling you what the next step is. You are truly your own boss, which is AMAZING and difficult at the same time. If you struggle with this, which I can relate to, then know that there are resources out there to help you stay on track.
  7. Ego: Ego is a funny thing that we often feed without realizing we’re doing it. Not everything you do on a blog (or in life) will be successful. For example, there may be a post that you’ve spent an entire week perfecting just to find that it’s gotten no views days after you hit publish. This doesn’t mean that every single one of your potential readers has poor taste in a high-quality content, it means that you aren’t providing enough value to your audience. And let’s be honest, that’s hard to face when you’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into something. So if you can ego-check yourself regularly, then you can definitely help make a difference in your audience’s lives!

7 questions to ask yourself before you start a blog

How I knew it was right for me:

  • I want to help make a difference in the world and was sick of feeling helpless about changing the things that keep me up at night.
  • I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset and come from a long string of businessmen.
  • The 9 to 5 sucked the soul right out of me, especially when the contradicts my values.

If  you’re ready to start your blog, here are 3 pieces of advice I’ve learned after 3 years of blogging:

  1. Don’t blog for emotional reasons. I made that mistake and it took me 3 years to get past the emotional part of it and truly look at my blog as a business. That doesn’t mean you can’t be emotional and passionate about your topic, it just means if you’re looking to make money from your blog, it’s important to look at it as a business providing value to your readers.
  2. It’s important to work on your blog as if you have a boss. Yes, technically you are your own boss, however, it’s easy to cut yourself some slack when you don’t meet that deadline you gave yourself or show up for your email list.  the truth of the matter is that your audience is actually your boss. They expect you to show up with good, consistent content to help them solve problems.
  3. “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle” This is advice I heard from Ruth Soukup, a very successful 7 figure blogger, who got this quote from a blogging conference. This is a serious gem wrapped up into 1 sentence and a perfect reminder that everyone has to start somewhere, even that person who looks like they are in the prime of their blogging success.. they have been where you are now. All you can do is keep pushing through what seems to be impossible.

I hope this guide helps you determine whether or not blogging is right for you. It’s an absolutely amazing adventure if you decide to take the plunge and one that can even be a source of income! If you’re ready, here’s a resource page to help you get going which also has some more information on the book I mentioned above that helped me launch my blog.

Let me know in the comments what you’re biggest concerns are with starting a blog are and also  head over here to check out what the top blogging fears are and how to overcome them!

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