How to overcome the anxiety of everyday life and learn to love your cluttered home.

It’s amazing how easily your sense of control gets lost in the chaos of life.

I have a hard time accepting that it may just be a bump in the road, not a means to the end. I feel like I’ve lost my focus on school and the other goals that I had been working so hard on and that the progress made is lost.

The last month has been crazy. Doug and I have been a part of two beautiful weddings, traveled to California to see L.A. and spend time with dear friends, experienced a Mehndi wedding ceremony, nursed our 16 year old kitty Marlene back to health (along with the help of my amazing parents), caught up on work and bills and are now sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, curled up on the couch with our furbabies,  just happy to be relaxing in this place.

Our home.


The place that usually causes me nothing but stress due to a hectic lifestyle, clutter, mess and pet hair. In looking at this though, I think there is something to be said. While our house is no where near what I would consider comfortable or reflective of our taste…. yet… it is home. It’s ours and our furbabies safe place. We get tons of beautiful breeze, great sunlight and lots of opportunity to be right next to each other (aka, the house is tiny 😉). Bottom line, we get a roof over our heads and a place to create memories in.

Such a big part of life is how we look at things.

I know many people who begin their day with a gratitude journal, meditation and a positive attitude. While making the time for this or anything else not totally required of us is difficult, it’s worth it. It’s worth recognizing how much we do have and that what may be a bad day for us, could be a great day for someone else who’s goal someday is to have a home, or a job, or good health. It’s our responsibility to live the life we want. Relying on others or material things to make us happy does not work and will just lead to a circle of instant gratification followed by let downs.

It’s our responsibility to keep learning, to keep growing as a person, to take care of ourselves physically and mentally, to do things that make us happy and to never waste a day that’s given to us.

We get to choose our attitude for each day, how great is that?


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