No warming up our coffee, no heat, no way to charge our phone, no tv, and no flushing the toilet without a bucket of water to pour down it.

13 things to be thankful for in your messy home

November is always a time of giving thanks. We like to think we’re capable of gratitude year round but let’s be honest, the everyday stresses are pretty overwhelming. Personally, I’ve been struggling with self-pity from a messy house lately (and for several years) but I recently had a reality check.

A couple weeks ago we had a big storm that left my parents without power and I happened to be at their house. The storm left many homes without power which also meant no water for those outside the city limits (including my parents). The day was mostly spent reading and visiting with my mom and Grandma and while this sounds nostalgic, reality set in quick.  

No warming up our coffee, no heat, no way to charge our phone, no tv, and no flushing the toilet without a bucket of water to pour down it.

It was such a humbling experience and I needed the reminder. Later that day I was able to go home, back to my normal luxuries as if it was just a one day challenge. But for so many in the world, that’s not the case. For so many affected by the recent hurricanes in the US right now, that’s not the case. It’s really pushed me to be more thankful for everyday experiences that most people in the world would do anything for. 

So here are some things in your home to be thankful for every day

  1. The computer, phone, tablet or whatever type of electronic something that’s letting you read this article right now, google anything, capture every moment and stay in touch with people around the world.
  2. The electricity you use to charge your electronic something that’s giving you access to the world, allows you to see after dark, wash your clothes, watch HGTV and Hallmark Movies (yes, I’m guilty, too) and store your food.
  3. The leaking faucet that means you’ve got water to drink, the ability to take a shower, wash your dishes and flush your toilet. (just make sure to get it fixed asap to save water)
  4. The family members, friend, roommates or furbabies that keep you company every day.
  5. The heat or air conditioning that keeps you comfortable year round.
  6. The clothes that reflect your style and protect your skin (and allow you to not walk around naked)
  7. The furniture that gives you a place to sit, sleep, eat and decorate.
  8. Not enough furniture to fill a space? Consider that prime yoga or dance space. Funiture that is too big for your home? Must mean you have a smaller home which is easier to clean.
  9. The dishes in your sink that are a reminder that you aren’t going hungry… even if you’re broke AF and the quality of food is poor, that’s, unfortunately, more than so many people in the world can say.
  10. The mess that drives you nuts means you have more than enough stuff to meet your needs or someone in your life that’s misplacing it.
  11. The lock on your door that keeps you safe.
  12. The bills you get in the mail (or hopefully email) that mean you’re getting at least one of the items above, healthcare or 5% off at Target.
  13. Your past that makes you who you are today and the future that you get to create for yourself.

The hardest thing to do is be thankful for the things that push you to your limits, but once you start searching, it’s easy to see everything around you is actually a blessing. 

Hope this leaves you inspired to look at today in a new way! Leave me some comments below, what are your biggest stressors?

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